What can we do for you?

So you have an idea but you’ve no clue where to start.

No problem, we can help. We’ll flesh out your idea and come back to you with a proposal that details what technologies we would use, the project life-cycle, timelines and costs.

We build software and sometimes, hardware!

We can develop a prototype of your idea so you can evaluate its feasibility, start talking to potential investors about your shiny new project and show them how it works.

We can also assist you in the growing phase, providing all the technical support you’ll need.

At Lunar, we’re well-versed in the implementation of any analytics solution a client may need.

Every project we build in-house comes integrated with Google Tag Manager/Google Analytics.

If you need help implementing tagging for any of your campaigns, we can help with that too.

You may not have a project in mind but you have a challenge that could be overcome with a bespoke solution. We have implemented plenty of those and can surely help you with yours.


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